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Cult de Choco at Island East Markets (11th May 2014)

來緊星期日(5月11日)母親節,會再次在港島東農墟設置檔位(C7b),除有各款別緻朱古力優惠外,亦有新款口味及包裝的朱古力,特別是Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé 系列,非常吸引及美味,數量不多,大家記得嚟多多支持!

(因黃雨關係,當日港島東農墟已取消,現更改在6月1日。Due to Yellow Rain Signal was hoisted, Island East Markets has been cancelled. Now it changes to 1st June.)

We’re back to Island East Markets on 11th May 015, Mother’s Day. Apart from some origin chocolates have special offer, there are  some new  Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé with attractive package and special flavour. Let’s come and try!

ISM - Cult de Choco (RoseValley Chocolate)(s)