MAROU Faiseurs de Chocolat

Marou is the dream child of 2 unusual French men who call Vietnam home: to create from 100% local ingredients the purest dark chocolate, blending a great cacao origin, that of Southern Vietnam & a renowned traditional know how, that of French chocolate makers.  To do this we have revisited the old history cocoa in Vietnam: a crop introduced in Indochina in the 19th century, forgotten during the war years and final rediscovered in the past decade.  Try our bars and find out why MAROU is quickly gaining the recognition of foddies, chefs and chocolate enthusiasts in Vietnam & throughout the world.

Marou是由兩個以越南為家的不平凡法國人兒時夢想開始,配合越南南部的極好可可品種,加上法國朱古力製造商著名的傳統技術,創造出以百分百本地材料而成的純淨黑朱古力。 為達到這樣,我們重返越南古時可可樹種植地方,那些莊稼在十九世紀引進中印地區,但在戰爭期間已被遺忘,最終在過去十年重新發現。嘗試我們的朱古力,會發現為何Marou迅速地便得到越南及世界各地的美食家、廚師和熱衷朱古力的人所認同及愛戴。

Marou Chocolates

The Unique Taste of Marou Chocolate comes from the quality of the cocoa beans that we source with the utmost care.  We use exclusively fine flavor cacao varieties, grown by small farmers who cultivate cocoa trees in the shade of taller fruit trees such as coconut or cashew nut trees and ferment the cacao beans themselves at the farm.

Each origin has its own character: the richness of the soil, the frequency of the rains, the climate of each terroir lend distinctive flavours to the cacaos grown in the Mekong Delta, the slopes of the Annamitic Range or the Central Highlands.  Our aim is to bring you all the subtle accents of the cocoa in your range of single origin Vietnam chocolates.

Marou朱古力的獨特味道是從嚴謹挑選優質可可豆開始,不單是只有MAROU獨家擁用,更是由一班農夫悉心栽種生長出來,他們把可可樹栽培在如椰子樹及腰果樹的較高身樹下的遮蔽處,而且他們更在莊園把可可豆進行發酵,從而生產出那細緻風味的可可豆。 在越南湄公河三角洲,安南山脈及中部高地的可可樹,因著豐富的土壤,頻繁充足的雨水,每處不同的風土氣候,栽種出特殊味道可可豆,令每一款單品朱古力也有獨自的風味。我們的目的是把這細緻口味的單品越南朱古力帶給大家品嚐。

Marou Map (New)(s)

Introducing an Exceptional Range of Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars

Marou MA-TG70B Tiền Giang Organic 70% : A full bodied chocolate with spicy, fruity notes, made from cocoa organically grown by farmers of the Cho Gao Co-op in the Mekong Delta.  朱古力充滿著香料風味,水果味的餘韻,是從在湄公河三角洲的前江省米市縣,有機農夫所栽種的可可豆而製成。(24g / 100g / 1000g)
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2013 – SILVER
Marou MA-DN72B  Đồng Nai 72% : Our first ‘Pod-to-Bar’ chocolate, make with cacao elaborated in our own fermentation station near Cat Tien natural park; a finely balanced dark chocolate with hints of spice.
我們首款「Pod-to-Bar」朱古力,使用位於Cat Tien國家公園鄰近的自設發酵中心,用心製作的可可豆來製造;黑朱古力細緻中帶少許香料風味。(24 g/ 80g / 1kg)
Marou MA-LD74B  Lâm Đồng 74%: A rare and delicate chocolate made in micro-batches from cacao beans cultivated in hilly woodland at the edge of the Vietnamese Central Highlands between Madagui and Bao Loc.  在越南林同省Madagui及保禄之間的中部高地邊緣,那處的山丘森林地區所栽種的極少產量可可豆,製造出這款極為罕有及巧緻的朱古力。(24g / 80g / 1kg)
Marou MA-BR76B  Bà Rịa 76%: A bold and fruity chocolate made from Trinitario cacao sourced directly from select farmers in Ba Ria province.  直接在越南巴地頭頓省特別簡選的農村,所出產 Trinitario可可豆,製成的76%朱古力,帶顯著特出的果味。(24g / 80g / 1kg)
Marou MA-BT78B Bến Tre 78% :An intense yet balanced chocolate, from Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta, where cacao tress are planted among the coconut groves.  來自越南儐椥省湄公河三角洲的可可樹,而附近種滿椰子樹,極度均衡風味的黑朱古力。(24g / 80g / 1kg)
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2013 – BRONZE
 H0136001_MA-DL70B_01 Đắk Lắk 70% :
A wonderfully complex bar with a long spicy finish, made with a selection of the finest cacao from the highland districts of Đắk Lắk province.出色而複雜的一款朱古力,有悠長的香料風味,由多樂省高地所精選細緻的可可豆製成。(24g / 80g)
 MA-TG80(S)  Tiền Giang Organic 80%: Similar as Tien Giang 70% cocaoa that with spcicy, fruity notes in a full bodied chocolate but the cocoa is up to 80% that makes aroma and bitter to higher level. The unique handmade package specializes for the The Wallpaper* Limited Edition only . 與前江有機70%一樣的可可豆,朱古力充滿著香料風味,水果味的餘韻,但可可含量更是80%,使風味及苦甘度推至更高層次。獨特全手工製造的包裝,專是為Wallpaper*推出的限量特別版。(80g)
 MA-TI75(S)  Treasure Island 3/4 Cacao : This bar is a generous 75% cocoa solids and made with beans from small, family owned farms on the island of Tan Phu Dong in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. It has a wonderfully smooth texture and an intense, cocoa flavour with a hint of red fruits. 這豐厚的75%可可含量朱古力,所使用的可可豆是來自於越南湄公河上Tan Phu Dong小島的家庭式可可農地。這朱古力除細緻順滑外,亦帶濃郁可可及紅色水果的風味。(80g)
 H0136001_MA-TPD85_01 Heart of Darkness 85%: “Made from beans grown on the enchanting island of Tan Phu Dong in the Mekong Delta, “Heart of Darkness” is food for both heart and mind, lush with aromas of coconut and honey and as long in the mouth as a great wine. Not only the winner of a Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards, but certainly the best chocolate east of Suez.” Lawarence Osborne, Author of “THE FORGIVEN” (80g)