Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé, a chocolate company based in Budapest, Hungary. They source their cocoa beans directly from farmers in Venezuela, which allows farmers to earn more revenue without broker charge involved.  The farmer family endeavours to find and preserve special cocao beans to save them from being extinct.

In our workshop, Porcelana, Carenero Superior, Trincheras and Sur del Lago beans are used to produce ‘single origin” chocolates.The different types of beans are not mixed and thus the resulting chocolates carries all natural characteristics of the beans used to create them. These tablets show our approach to chocolate through mild roasting and extensive refinement and conching. As a result, much of the flavours are preserved and identifiable.
rozsavolgyi chocolate
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé是一間來自匈牙利布達佩斯的朱古力製造公司,我們直接從委內瑞拉的農民購買可可豆,這便可減少中間人的程序,以至可可豆農民有更多收益,此外這些農民更會致力尋找及保護一些珍貴的可可豆品種,從而使那些品種以免絕跡。
在我們的工房,Porcelana、Carenero Superior、 Trincheras 及Sur del Lago可可豆是用來製造單一地區朱古力。不同的可可豆絕不會混雜一起,所以各朱古力都保持純自然的特性。 我們使用合適的方法把可可豆進行中度烤烘、精煉及研磨(Conching)來製造朱古力,令至最多的風味得以保留及被識別。

Bean-to-bar chocolate bars (without lecithin and vanilla)

 Porcelana 71(s) Porcelana 71  – Porcelana is a rare type of cocoa bean, with a flesh that is completely white. The proportion and complexity of aromas create a feel of perfect simplicity. The Academy of Chocolate awarded it with a bronze medal in 2011. All tablets individually numbered. Porcelana是一種非常罕有的可可豆,豆肉是完全白色的。平和而又複雜的風味產生出絕好的完美的感覺。獲得The Academy of Chocolate(AoC)2011年銅獎。每一排朱古力都是獨立編號。
 Trincheras 70 (s) Trincheras 70 –  Awarded a Silver Medal by the Academy of Chocolate in the “Bean-to-Bar Best Dark Bar” main category. These cocoa beans from Trincheras, Venezuela are roasted at very low temperatures to preserve every little bits of their natural taste.  在Academy of Chocolate的”可可豆至朱古力的最傑出黑朱古力”組別獲得銀獎。這可可豆是從委內瑞拉的Trinchearas出產及在當地以低溫炒焗,以保存特有天然味道。
 Madagascar Criollo (s) Madagascar Criollo 71  –  This bar is made from a rare Criollo cocoa bean that is grown in the Sambirano valley of Madagascar – only 2 tones per annum. Due to the unique fermentation and careful processing the mild character of the criollo is complemented by the sweet and sour taste of the fresh cocoa pulp. 用了在馬達加斯加Sambirano 農莊每年只生產兩噸及非常罕有的Criollo可可豆來製造。因著獨一發酵技術及嚴謹處理程序,發揮了Criollo溫和的特性,就是與新鮮可可果肉清甜及果酸的特質相配合。
 Madagascar 72 (s) Madagascar Tinitario 72 – The Sambirano valley in Madagascar is the origin of a unique blend of trinitario cocoa beans that this chocolate is made of. Sweet and sour like the fresh cocoa fruit pulp.  使用來自於馬達加斯加Sambirano 農莊獨有的Trinitario可可豆製造而成。甜而帶酸的風味就象新鮮可可果肉般清新。
 Mara 70 (s) Mara 70 –  This cocoa bean is harvested on the mountain sides of La Guajira close to the Colombian border in Venezuela. The giant beans are mostly white inside, only turning light brown during fermentation. The chocolate’s character is closest to a piece of fresh bread with honey and butter. Lightly roasted and processed to preserve its natural qualities. All tablets individually numbered. 這可可豆是在委內瑞拉接近哥倫比亞邊境的山區La Guajira種植收穫的。這種巨型可可豆內部大部份都是白色,只會在發酵後轉為淺啡。朱古力特質是近乎塗了蜜糖及牛油的新鮮麵包,用了低溫烘烤及處理可可豆,以保存天然的品質。每一排朱古力都是獨立編號
 Carenero 73 - (s) Carenero 73 –  A trinitario collected around the port of Carenero in Venezuela with a light colour, mild character, and aromas of cherry and flower.使用委內瑞拉Carenero地區的Trinitario可可豆,以淺色見稱,平均溫和的性格,有花香及Cherry的風味。
 Sur del Lago 84 (s) Sur del Lago 84 – Sur del Lago region is located in the tropical lowlands south and west of the Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Trinitarian cocoa beans with high criollo content, tastes reminiscent of raspberries.  Sur del Lago位置是在委內瑞拉Maracaibo湖畔的熱帶低地。Trinitario品種可可豆但配有高度Criollo內涵,令人聯想到豐富的木莓風味。
 Chuno 72 (s) Chuno 72 – This Acriollado cocoa is grown in the foggy Northern mountains of Nicaragua, and it is named after one of its first growers. The produce from small farms of less than 3.5 hectares is collected weekly and transferred into wooden boxes where it obtain its unique character. 這款 Acriollado 可可生長在多霧濕潤的尼加拉瓜北面山區,名稱是以首位種植者而命名。 可可豆由細於3.5公頃的小農戶每週生產及轉戴到木箱發酵而來,因而得到這獨一特性。
 Chuao73 (s) Chuao 73 – The village of Chuao-where Venezuela’s finest beans are grown-is nestled between the sea and the mountains in a secluded valley, and is possible to reach only by boat.  Certificate of traceability issued by La Empresa Campesina de Chuao as the only farming association guarantees that cocoa under Serial No. 2140-03 was allocated to Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé. Chauo是在稱為委內瑞拉最優越可可豆種植地方,位處於海岸及高山之間僻靜的村落,主要靠船隻出入。由La Empresa Campesina de Chuao發出的可追索來源認證,唯一這農民機構確定這序刑編號2140-03分配給Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé。

Seasoned bars from couverture 精選材料配朱古力

 Black sesame seeds 77 (s) Black sesame seeds  – Bean-to-bar chocolate made from our Venezuelan cocoa beans, with roasted whole black sesame seeds.77%朱古力配黑芝麻子 77% – 使用自家來自委內瑞拉的可可豆來製造的朱古力,配以全烘烤的黑芝麻子。
 Chopped hazelnuts 77 (s) Chopped hazelnuts 77% – Bean-to-bar chocolate made from our Venezuelan cocoa beans with roasted and chopped hazelnuts from Piemont.
77%朱古力配榛子仁 – 使用來自委內瑞拉的可可豆來製造至朱古力,配上烤焗意大利Piemont的榛子。
 Pistachio Gianduja (s) Pistachio Gianduja – Bean-to-bar Venezuelan dark chocolate mixed with 20% of pure pistachio paste. 使用自家來自委內瑞拉的可可豆來製造的朱古力,混合20%開心果蓉。
 Gianduja (s) Gianduja – Bean-to-bar chocolate made from Venezuelan cocoa beans mixed with 20% almond praline paste. 使用自家來自委內瑞拉的可可豆來製造的朱古力,混合20%果仁蓉。
 Hot paprika (s) Hot paprika – Bean-to-bar chocolate made from our Venezuelan cocoa beans with hot Hungarian paprika.
77%朱古力配紅辣椒(Hot Paprika) – 使用自家來自委內瑞拉的可可豆來製造的朱古力,加入匈牙利人的紅辣椒。
 Olives and bread (s) Olives and bread 77% – Roasted olives, toasted bread and olive oil is mixed into our chocolate. In the 2013 AoC award this chocolate has won a bronze award in the seasoned bar category.
77%朱古力配橄欖和麵包粒 – 烤焗橄欖,多士及橄欖油與朱古力混和一起。在 Academy of Chocolate 2013在調味朱古力類別獲得銅獎。
 Matcha (s) Matcha – Japanese green tea (pulverized) in white chocolate.
日本抹茶白朱古力 – 日本綠茶(粉末)混合白朱古力。
 Mandarin (s) Mandarin 40% – Milk chocolate with mandarin oil from Sicili and roasted vanilla.橘子牛奶朱古力 40% – 牛奶朱古力加入來自西西島(Sicili)橘子油及烤焗了香草

Hot Chocolate 朱古力熱飲
You only need to stir in 3 dl of hot milk or water, boil it up and it makes 4 portions of hot chocolate.你只要將朱古力小粒與 300毫升的熱奶或熱水攪拌,慢慢煮熱,就大約可有四客份量,令你回味及充滿能量的朱古力熱飲。

 Lavender hot chocolate (s) Lavender – A few drops of lavender oil is mixed into Venezuelan chocolate, and ground the day after.
朱古力熱飲(薰衣草) – 委內瑞拉朱古力混合小滴薰衣草油,研伴整日而成。
 Hot paprika (man) (s) Hot paprika – Hot paprika and a little finely ground cinnamon and cloves are mixed into Venezuelan chocolate, and ground the day after.
朱古力熱飲(紅辣椒) – 紅辣椒粉配上少量極幼細丁香和肉桂,與委內瑞拉朱古力混合,研磨一整日而成。
 Spicy Hot Chocolate (New) Spicy – Sweet paprika, nutmeg, cloves and ginger are mixed into Venezuelan chocolate, and ground the day after..
朱古力熱飲(香料) – 甜紅辣椒、豆蔻、丁香和薑,與委內瑞拉朱古力混合,研磨一整日而成