AMMA Chocolate

AMMA, the chocolate crafted from the beans of cacao Paraziho, native to the Amazon, organically cultivated under the shades of the Atlantic Rainforest with the richest minerals, composed of rock powder from Chapada Diamantina, containing over 90% of the elements in the periodic table, combined with seawater and enriched with Atlantic Rainforest compounds. Aiming to reveal the richest nuances of the cacao beans personally selected in the South of Bahia, Diego Badaró , producer of fine cacao and 5th generation of a family that traditionally imprints its saga in the region – inspiring books such as The Violent Land, by writer Forge Amado -, and Frederick Schilling, founder of the biggest organic chocolate company in the US, have joined forces to create AMMA CHOCOLATE.

AMMA is internationally praised as a craft chocolate produced according to the highest standards. We actively promote the preservation of Brazilian Rainforests, we practice organic agriculture and we invest in fair work conditions for our collaborators. We cherish the pure flavor of cacao and all of the benefits that the fruit of the gods brings to the human health. We believe that chocolate has the power of turning the world greener and making people happier!

Our cacao tress grow organically amidst the rainforest, under the shade of ancient trees and surrounded by some of the world’s highest biodiversity. We preserve the environment, and in exchange we received from it the rich aromatic notes that make AMMA chocolate so unique and irresistible.

Besides genetics and terroir, the post harvest of cacao is crucial for a chocolate of excellence. Our beans undergo a long fermentation process, taking their time to develop all of their aromas and nuances. Once fermented, they dry slowly and naturally under the sun, closely monitored by the careful and trained eyes of the workers of the land. In the factory, mild roasts and natural ingredients enhance the aromatic profiles of our cacao.

 AMMA100 Organic dark chocolate bar 100%
Extreme cacao, pure and authentic. The total experience in chocolate.
Ingredients: organic cocoa. 100% cocoa content.
May contain traces of milk. Gluten Free.極端的可可成份,純正及原始味道。
成份: 有機可可豆。100%可可含量。可能包含奶類成份。不含麩質。
 AMMA85 Organic dark chocolate bar 85%
To the daring palates, we offer a cacao intense chocolate. A real storm of sensations. Your taste buds will be transported to the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest. True chocolate flavor, brown fruits and tannins slightly stronger than our 75%. The deserved reward for an audacious experience. Ingredients: organic cocoa, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter and a lot of love. 85% minimum cocoa content. May contain traces of milk. Gluten Free.迎合勇於挑戰的口味,我們製出極濃郁可可的朱古力,好像衝擊味道感覺一樣,每個味蕾都處身於大西洋雨林中心,感受當地的風味。褐色水果味及丹寧程度稍為強於75%可可濃度那款,這種經歷是對勇敢嚐試的應得回報。 成份: 有機可可豆,有機糖,有機可可脂。85%可可含量。可能包含奶類成份。不含麩質。
 AMMA75 Organic dark chocolate bar 75%
A classic, this is the chocolate that our senses recognize. It awakens our perception of what chocolate is meant to be like. With a touch of cherry and slightly citric, its nuances last for delicious minutes inside the mouth. This is a chocolate for conversation, interaction and communication.
Ingredients: organic cocoa, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter and a lot of love. 75% minimum cocoa content. May contain traces of milk. Gluten Free.我們的味覺辨認出這朱古力的經典風味,激發起我們的認知去了解朱古力應該是怎樣的。帶有點點的櫻桃及微微的檸檬風味,這微微的味道會停留在口內一陣子的時間。 成份: 有機可可豆,有機糖,有機可可脂。75%可可含量。可能包含奶類成份。不含麩質。
 AMMA60 Organic dark chocolate bar 60%
Our bittersweet is wonderfully balanced and will sharpen your palate. With light hints of nuts, low acidity and tropical fruits flavor, this chocolate is an easy and pleasant experience to the senses.
Ingredients: organic cocoa, organic sugar and organic cocoa butter. 60% minimum cocoa content. May contain traces of milk. Gluten Free.
 Cupuacu Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuaçu 80%
Theobroma Grandiflorum: a gem from the Brazilian Rainforest, carved by AMMA. From the forest we have sourced the fruits of the most aromatic cupuaçu, extracting its beans, wrapped in its cream, sweet and acidulated pulp. After a long fermentation and sun drying, these beans were transformed into Grandiflorum 80%, the bar you are about to taste. The result is the pure and outstanding flavor of this fresh and unique fruit, that keeps changing constantly. It’s velvety texture, melting in your muth and playing with your senses. Something absolutely new and mind blowing. The rich flavor from the Brazilian rainforests. May contain traces of milk. Gluten Free.
Ingredients: Cupuaçu, organic sugar, Cupuaçu butter and a lot of love. 80% minimum Cupuaçu content.Theobroma Grandiflorum: 像來自巴西雨林的一個寶石,由AMMA雕琢而成。在森林裡,我們採集這個最芳香的cupuaçu果實,抽取出那被香甜果肉包裹著的豆子。經過長時間發酵及陽光乾燥,那豆子就是轉化成Grandiflorum 80%的材料,就是你所品嚐的這款「朱古力」。來自新鮮及獨特的水果,純正及出眾的味道,柔軟的口感,慢慢的溶於口內,就像與味覺遊玩一樣,絕對是既新穎又令人興奮的體驗。 成份: Cupuaçu,有機糖,Cupuaçu脂。80% Cupuaçu含量。可能包含奶類成份。不含麩質。
 Flor do Mar 75(s) Organic Chocolate Flor do Mar 75%
Flor do Mar: Sea Flower, salt collected from the crystallization of the sea, together with the chocolate in perfect balance.
Ingredients: organic cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, non organic flower of salt and a lot of love. 75% minimum cacao content.

75% 朱古力配海鹽(有機)
Flor do Mar (浪花),由海水結晶而成的海鹽,與朱古力極之均衡配搭。
成份: 有機可可豆,有機糖,有機可可脂,非有機海鹽。75%可可含量。

 Gula Merah 70(s) Organic Chocolate Gula Merah (Coconut Sugar) 70%
Gula Merah: Sugar harvested from coconut sap with intense chocolate flavor. Organic Chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar 70%
Ingredients: organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter and a lot of love. 70% minimum cacao content.

Gula Merah: 由椰汁提取的糖,配合濃郁朱古力的風味。 成份: 有機可可豆,有機椰糖,有機可可脂。70%可可含量。

 Nibirus 75(s) Organic Chocolate Nibirus (Cacao Nibs) 75%
Nibirus: The nibirus is a 75% cocoa chocolate that contains the nibs (roasted almond cocoa) leaving the crispy and tasty chocolate.
Ingredients: organic cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, organic cacao nibs and a lot of love. 75% minimum cacao content.

Nibirus是一個75%朱古力再加入已烤焗的可可可,品嚐美味朱古力時會有鬆脆感覺。成份: 有機可可豆,有機糖,有機可可脂,有機可可仁。75%可可含量。

 Qahwa 60(s) Organic Chocolate Qahwa (Coffee) 60%
Qah’wa: Coffee and 60% cocoa as an explosive combination of harmonics alkaloids.
Ingredients: organic cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, organic coffee and a lot of love. 60% minimum cacao content.

Qah’wa: 咖啡及60%可可就是混合出巨大的可可鹼和應。成份: 有機可可豆,有機糖,有機可可脂,有機咖啡。60%可可含量。

 Folha de Vendas_Ingles5 Organic Cacao Nibs 有機可可仁(75g / 200g)
The cacao bean, slightly roasted and broken. Crispy and flavorsome, the cacao nibs carry a massive amount of antioxidants and minerals, and they can be used in various ways: with yogurt; mixed with granola; combined with fruits; in cookies and sweets of all kinds; and even in savoury dishes. A superfood, versatile, healthy and delicious.
Ingredients: Organic cocoa nibs. Gluten Free.
成份: 有機可可仁不含麩質。
 Folha de Vendas_Ingles5 Organic Cocoa Powder 有機可可粉 (200g / 700g)
AMMA’s organic cocoa powder is a superfood, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Pure, 100% cocoa and sugar free, it is perfect for healthy and intense recipes: hot or cold beverages; ice creams; desserts; vitamins and even in savoury dishes; for sauces and seasonings.
AMMA有機可可粉是”超級食物”之一,有豐富維他命,礦物及抗氧化物。純正100%可可及絕無糖份。非常合適作健康食譜材料: 熱或凍飲品、蛋糕、及甜品等,甚至在鹹味的茶餚中,作醬汁或調味之用。
 Folha de Vendas_Ingles5 Organic Chocolate Powder 有機朱古力粉  (200g / 700g)
Our organic chocolate powder has the highest concentration in the market: 50% cocoa. We have combined the nutritive and antioxidant power of the fruit of the gods to the sweet and remarkable flavor of the best chocolates. Perfect as part of a healthy and wholesome breakfast. It can be used in hot or cold beverages, truffles, cakes, cookies and ganaches.