Original Beans

Original Beans was founded on a passion for making the purest chocolates and for replenishing what we consume, carrying on our founder’s family tradition of sustainability that began 220 years ago when his forefather Georg Hartig advised “to manage forests in such a way that future generations can reap the same benefit from them as the current one.”
Taste the Rare
Like other tree fruits, cacao is infused with flavours from the environment in which it grows. Its seeds—aka beans—are full of nutrition and when harvested, fermented and dried with craft,they reveal the unique characters of their distinct origins. Since 2008, our “Bean Team” travels into the rarest places on earth to bring original beans to you.
Preserve the Rare
To make sure that cacao beans—and their rainforests—of distinction are safe from extinction we grow one tree for every bar sold. When you break off a piece of Original Beans chocolate, not only are you a moment away from enjoying the earth’s rarest cacao beans in their purest form— you are breaking ground for a tree.

Through our One Bar : One Tree programme, Original Beans customers and farmers have grown millions of trees to date.

OriginalBeans (s)

BeniDelicate notes of floral honey, apricot and jasmine tea Beni Wild Harvest 66% – Hand-picked wild cacao growing in the Beni Savannah, Bolivian Amazon. The Beniano is an endemic wild cacao variety that grows on the cacao forest islands in the Bolivian Amazon, where it is harvested by indigenous collectors. This exceptional dark chocolate has a cacao content of 66% and is conched for 24 hours. It is delicate, yet expressive—with notes of floral honey, apricot, and a hint of jasmine.
PiruraLuscious not s of lime, raspberry and toasted nuts Piura Porcelana 75% – Organic chocolate from ultra-rare white cacao Piura River Valley, Peruvian Andes. Original Beans discovered this ultra-rare white cacao in the Piura River Valley of Northern Peru in 2007. Due to its lively fruit flavours, it has become one of the best awarded international beans. With a cacao content of 75% and a 22-hour conch, Original Beans presents a very elegant yet luscious dark chocolate with notes of lime, raspberry and roasted nuts. The conservation objective here is reforesting the nearby mountain slopes to restore a stable water supply of this dry land.
Cru VirungaWarm notes of Morello cherries, deep chocolate and black tea Cru Virunga 70% – Organically grown in the buffer of Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo (D.R.). This cacao is grown in the buffer zone of Virunga National Park in part of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. It is Africa’s oldest nature park and home to the last wild mountain gorillas in the world. This lively dark chocolate has a cacao content of 70% and is conched for 20 hours. It has a strong finish with hints of black tea.Original Beans is currently campaigning together with Virunga National Park and the movie “Virunga” for the preservation of the park.
OB- FEMMES de VIRUN GA 55(2)Creamy notes of cappuccino and roasted nuts cappuccion Femmes de Virunga 55% – Organic milk chocolate from Africa’s oldest park. Supporting women farmers of Eastern Congo. Since 2008, the team of Original Beans has locally developed the cacao region around the Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo. This includes strengthening women’s groups, with seedlings, training, and a local radio program by women for women. The recipe of Femmes de Virunga is both powerful and elegant: A very dark milk chocolate with creamy notes of cappuccino and roasted nuts.

*Certified Organic