Pacari Chocolate is a line of premium organic chocolate, and the first single-origin organic chocolate entirely made in Ecuador. We carefully select the finest ingredients and work in small batches in order to bring you an unforgettable chocolate experience. All of the ingredients are 100% organic and produced according to fair and equitable standards. Each of our single-region, raw and specialty chocolate products is crafted to maintain the complex flavor profile of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean. We partner directly with small-scale cacao growers to preserve their traditional way of farming, thereby safeguarding the biodiversity of cacao in Ecuador. We undertake a number of sustainability programs for the benefit of the cacao-growing communities with which we work.  From Tree to bar in Ecuador

Pacari 朱古力是一系列優質有機朱力,亦是首個完全在厄瓜多爾製造的單一地區有機朱古力。我們謹慎揀選最好材料,和以小批量方式,務求帶給大家難忘的朱古力品嚐體驗。 所有材料都是百分百有機及以公平公正的標準來製造。 每一款單地區、Raw或精品朱古力都是以工藝手法,製造出Arriba Nacional可可豆的複雜風味。我們直接與細規模可可樹種植戶合作,以保存他們傳統耕種方法,藉此保護厄瓜多爾的多樣性可可豆品種。 我們進行的可持續項目都是使可可樹種植社區直接得益。

 Raw70 Raw 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar
The 70% cacao raw bar offers a blend of fine Ecuadorian cacao directly from the source of the Ecuadorian rainforest. This finely crafted bar is made using only the highest quality ingedients and premium cacao for a rich, bold taste that is sure to impress. All of the cacao ingredients in our raw chocolate are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavor profile of the natural cacao.
International Chocolate Awards (World) 2014- Silver
International Chocolate Awards (World) 2013- Silver
International Chocolate Awards (American) 2013-Gold
International Chocolate Awards (World) 2012- Silver
 Raw85s Raw 85% Cacao Chocolate Bar with coconut sugar
Pacari’s raw chocolate is now even better for you with the addition of vibrant superfoods. Our signature Raw 85% chocolate is perfectly blended to give you an antioxidant rich, nutrient packed, unforgettable chocolate experience.
Pacari的raw朱古力就是給你更好額外的令人興奮「超級食物」。我們主打的Raw 85%朱古力就是完美地的揉合,為你提供豐富抗氧化物,充足營養及難忘的朱古力品嚐體驗。在Raw朱古力的所有可可材料都是以最低限度步驟及較低溫度來處理,以保持在可可豆內的抗氧化物及複雜風味層次。International Chocolate Awards (World) 2014- Silver
 Raw100s Raw 100% Cacao Chocolate Bar
The 100% Cacao has hints of fruit and spices with a perfect balance of slight acidity and bitterness in the unsweetened cacao. All of the cacao ingredients in our raw chocolate are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavor profile of the natural cacao.
100% 可可豆有著果香及香料風味,完美地使在沒有糖的可可內的微酸及苦得以平衡。在Raw朱古力的所有可可材料都是以最低限度步驟及較低溫度來處理,以保持在可可豆內的抗氧化物及複雜風味層次。International Chocolate Awards (World) 2014- Silver
 PiureQuemazon(s) Piura Quemazon 70%
Pacari chocolate traditionally sourced Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador but this is a chocolate sourced from the Peruvian region of Piura in the north west of the country. The aroma has a very earthy, and notes of dried fruit and floral whilst the melt is lengthy. A limited edition bar made from the Piura region of Peru – For a limited time only. Simply one of a kind bar that is sure to impress.
Pacari過往都是從厄瓜多爾直接採購Arriba Nacional可可豆,但這款朱古力就是從秘魯西北面Piura地區相同品種的可可豆。朱古力帶有土質香氣,但在長長的溶化中會有乾果及花香風味。限量版朱古力的可可豆來自秘魯Piura地區,只限時生產。簡單的一款朱古力一家令人留有深刻印象。International Chocolate Awards (World) 2013- Gold
 Montubia(s) Montubia 70%International Chocolate Awards (World) 2014- Gold
 Los Rio 72s Los Rios Chocolate Bar 72%
The Los Rios bar evokes the exotic aromas of the lush tropical forests where the cacao is grown. You will find strong upfront cacao with notes of fruit blossom and subtle finish of roasted coffee.
Los Rios朱古力喚起奇特的風味,就是可可樹種植的茂盛熱帶樹林一樣。你會發現強烈可可果花般的香味,加上像烘焙咖啡的餘韻。
 Raw Passion Fruit 70(s) Raw 70% Cacao Passion Fruit with coconut sugar Chocolate BarInternational Chocolate Awards (Americas) 2014- Silver
 Salt & Nibs(s) Dark Chocolate Bar with Salt & Nibs
Dark chocolate infused with Cuzco pink salt and cacao nibs. Salt is retrieved from the region of Cuzco, Peru.
Pacari黑朱古力注入Cuzco 粉紅鹽及可可仁。那鹽就是從秘魯庫斯科地區採集得來的。International Chocolate Awards (World) 2014- Silver
 Andean Blueberry(s) Dark Chocolate bar with Andean Blueberry
Blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant capacities of all fruit, vegetables, seasonings and spices. Antioxidants are essential to optimizing health by combating the free radicals that can cause damage to the cellular structures as well as DNA.
By combining the health benefits of the Andean Blueberries and incorporating our signature dark chocolate, Pacari has created a delicious bar that is sure to please.
 Chocolate Covered Golden Berries(s) Chocolate Covered Golden Berries
The golden berry is a fruit native to the Andean region. Provides a wonderful sweet-tart complement to the dark chocolate coating.
Golden Berry (黃金莓)是在安迪斯山脈地區的一種本土生果,與外層包裹的黑朱古力配搭出極好甜味感覺。International Chocolate Awards (Americas) 2012- Gold