Friis-Holm Chocolate are available at Oliver’s the Delicatessen and ThreeSixty!

Friis-Holm Chocolate are available at Oliver’s the Delicatessen and ThreeSixty!

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La Dalia 100% – Made with beans from 10 growers in The La Dalia Region of Nicaragua. Its strong aromatic acidity and floral sweetness reveal a true grower’s blend. (ICA 2015 – Sliver)
O’payo 68% Organic – Fruity, with good acidity and soft tannins. This cacao comes from Waslala, a natural reserve in the mountains of northeast Nicaragua. (ICA 2016 – Sliver)

Chuno 70% (Triple Turned) – Criollo/Trinitario variety we found on three isolated farms in Northern Nicaragua growing at 300-800 meters altitude. Good pronounced acidity. Distinct notes of black olives and citrus-peal.  The beans have been turned three times during the 5-day fermentation, producing an incredibly dark, intense, even acidic bitterness. (ICA 2015 & 16 – Sliver)
Dark Milk 65% – Made from six different cocoa variety indigenious to Nicaragua. A powerful mix of dark and milk. (ICA 2014 – Gold & 2016 – Bronze))
Johe 70% – A Nicaraguan variety. Possible grandfathers of Venezuelan Criollo/Trinitario. Planted in Northern Nicaragua. Soft fruitiness, gentle, long and pleasant aftertaste. (2016 – Silver)
Nicaliso 70% – A cocoa tree originally found in small volumes in as single farm in Northern Nicaragua. Very fruity and pleasant acidity. Notes of grapes and raisins. Long smooth aftertaste. (ICA 2014 & 2016 Silver)

Rózsavölgyi is now available at ThreeSixty and Oliver’s the delicatessen.

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé is now available at ThreeSixty and Oliver’s the delicatessen.
Rózsavölgyi朱古力是來自匈牙利布達佩斯的一間小型朱古力公司,除了包裝精美,每排都係人手逐一包裝,他們所有朱古力,都是由可可豆開始製造,即由烘培研磨都親自主理,可以話係慢工出細貨,每排都係精心製作,有興趣嘅朋友,就要快手買來試試喇!款式有Trincheras 70%, Madagascar Tinitario 72%, Chuao 73%, Black sesame seeds 73% chocolate及Pistachio Gianduja。rozsavolgyi-for-fb-360s

Pacari Chocolate available at Olive’s & ThreeSixty!

Pacari Chocolate (6 types) are now available at Olive’s the Delicatessen (Central or Hong Kong Station) and ThreeSixty (Elements, Kowloon Station)! Fine Flavour chocolate are at the destination for fine flavours – Oliver’s the Delicatessen!
Pacari 朱古力都可以於Oliver’s 及 ThreeSixty 購買了。Oliver’s the Delicatessen集中為大家提供來自世界各地的fine flavours朱古力及食品!

DF - Pacari(s)

Chocolate Tree (UK) Available at HKTV Mall

Chocolate Tree是蘇格蘭一間手藝朱古力公司,他們的bean-to-bar系列朱古力,是用來自馬達加斯加、秘魯及委內瑞拉不同地的優質可可豆,直接製成朱古力 。總共有九款,包括最新款的兩款~ Whisky Nibs 70%及Orange & Amaretti 70%已經到了香港,在HKTV Mall Cult de Choco網上店舖訂購。

Chocolate Tree - 9 (s)

1. Madagascar Sambirano 100%
2. Venezuela Porcelana 85%
3. Madagascar Sambirano (Unroasted) 70%
4 Colombia Huila 70%
5. Peru Marañón Dark 69%
6. Peru Marañón Milk 60%
7. Coconut Milk (No dairy or cane sugar) 55%
8. Whisky Nibs 70%
9. Orange & Amaretti 70%