Chocolate Naive

Chocolate Naive is a small chocolate and ice cream manufacturer set in a stunning corner of Lithuania, just a few steps away from the Kiementas lake. At Chocolate Naive, one of only 200+ such producers worldwide, the production cycle starts with a dried cacao bean, Top class cacao beans are diligently selected from exceptional farms. They are then transported via the old seaways to Europe and, finally, to Giedraicai, home Chocolate Naive.

At Chocolate Naive we follow two keys principles. First, we only work with the best ingredients in the world. Secondly, we seek to become world-class craftsman in working with this type of exquisite production. Naive roasts, winnows, conches and tempers chocolate in ways that helps to reveal the character of a particular region, be it Grenada, Madagascar, Peru, Vietnam, Uganda or Cuba.

The chocolate is finally born after a meticulous analysis of taste, colour, smell and texture. For some time already our products have put Giedraicai and Lithuania on the foodie map as a rising start of gourmet chocolate in Europe. But this project, however, is not about arrogance, stars and recognition, but is all about soul.

Chocolate Naive belongs to humanity, hard work and the big dreams of a small man, which sometimes come true at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected of places.
Chocolate Naive是一間位於立陶宛(Lithuania)近Kiementas湖小型朱古力和雪糕製造公司。他是全球約200+間由可可豆開始造朱古力的公司之一。頂級的可可豆是從優秀的農莊細心挑選。之後就從古時海路途徑先經歐洲再最後到Chocolate Naïve位於Giedraicai的家。 在Chocolate Naive,我們跟隨兩項主要原則,第一,我們只用世界上最好的材料。第二,我們追求在同類的精巧製造工匠中成為世界級。Naive在烘焙、去鼓、朱古力調溫方法令展現出各地區可可豆的特性,包括格瑞納達、馬達加斯加、秘魯、越南、烏干達或古巴。

全部朱古力都經過一絲不苟的味道、色澤、氣味及質惑的分析。我們的產品會在Giedraicai及立陶宛的食物指南中標示為歐洲美食家朱古力的新星。這個項目不是為了自大傲慢、令人認同賞識或是怎樣的明星仕途,而是關乎對朱古力的熱情。 Chocolate Naive屬於人性的、勤奮及一個大夢想,而這夢想會於不知何時何地實現。

 naive-honey Dark Chocolate with Forest Honey 68% (森林蜂蜜黑朱古力)(55 g)
The Mindaugas Masaitis owned biodynamic apiary is found next to the forest where the bees gather their exquisite nectar. Due to its unique location, the honey is dark amber in colour and thick with notes of the mossy earth and her flavours. These notes create an unusual alchemy with fruity cacao. Mindaugas Masaitis在森林附近擁有一所生活機能學養蜂場,蜜蜂採集得到的是精良花蜜,就因著這獨特的地理優勢,蜂蜜呈深琥珀色,並帶有濃厚的森林土地氣息。這風味配上果香般的可可豆,創造出非一般的傑作。
 naive-porcini Dark milk chocolate with porcini mushroom 62%  (Porcini蘑菇朱奶朱古力 67%) (55 g
This  chocolate made for true flavour adventurers. Wild porcini mushrooms paired with high quality chocolate. Nutty, woody but with an extremely beautiful finish – this chocolate bar is truly the rule breaker.
 naive-berries Dark chocolate with wild berries 65% (野莓黑朱古力65%) (55 g)
Flavour powerhouse – two words that best describe this chocolate bar. Dark chocolate made from Madagascan cacao beans and blended together with three different berry types. A true summer flashback.
 naive-hops Dark chocolate with hops 67% 啤酒花朱古力 67%) (55 g)
Beer and chocolate, they have more in common than you would expect. Roasted flavour notes and fruity undertones, both bitter and heady at the same time.